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Here are some FAQs...

Q: Can I get a ring sized at 9.5?                                                                                                                             

A:  You can get the ring in any size requested. For quarter or half size increments chose the next full size up in the finger size attribute. When you check out (make payment) please advise the correct finger size requested in the message area.


Q: We need a ring size 12.5, can you make? what will be the price?                                                             

A: We sure can make any finger size requested. Please contact us if your ring of choice doesn't have a finger size attribute in the size requested. The charge for the super size will be advised in return.


Q: If I order a ring that has no finger size attribute or it has one price for a finger size range. How do I advise the finger size?

A: When you check out (make payment) please advise the correct finger size requested in the message area. You can also use the contact us page to send a message or e-mail to: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it The industry most common finger sizes are 6 for Ladies and 10 for Men. These are also the usual stock sizes.  If we don't hear from you within one day after your order has been received, your order will be processed at stock finger size as mentioned above.


Q: I received my order but it doesn't fit. How can we get it fixed?                                                                   

A:  First please go to a professional jeweler (not a chain store or a kiosk in the mall) and measure the correct finger size. Please send nothing back without authorization, it may get lost. Than contact us for further instructions. In most cases we will fix or exchange for free. However, each case need to be judged individually.


Q: We will need a rush deliver for our upcoming wedding. Is it possible? What are the charges?          

A:  A rush delivery time order can be accepted, if technically possible, subject that you advise your event date. All the rings are made to the finger size and deliveries are made after the funds had cleared through our bank account. Subject that all the preconditions have met there will be no charge for the rush delivery. However, it may require an overnight shipment which carry a charge of $29.- to $39.- per shipment.


Q: Can we combine shipment?                                                                                                                            

A: Sure we can. If you ordered more than one ring in one order, you are charged only for one s&h. If you order 2 or more rings in two separate occasions, you will have to notify us about the combined shipping request. We will credit you for the extra shipping charge created. Please note: Your delivery time will be calculated from the later order.


Q: We ordered and paid 15 days ago. When are you going to ship?                                                            

A: Our declared delivery time is within 10-14 working days (not including weekends and Federal holidays) after your payment had cleared through our bank account. PayPal payment takes 3-4 working days to clear through the bank.
Please add 3-4 working days for custom size if needed.
We are usually ahead of the promised delivery date.
We will e-mail you the shipping details as soon as the ring has
been sent.

Q: How can we know that the ring is really a 950 Platinum? is there any certificate?                                

A: In our industry a certificate accompanies a Diamond or a Precious Gem Stone with a significant value. Usually Diamonds 0.33 carats and larger. Certificates are published by independent laboratories and are costly. It is not a common practice for rings without stones to be certified.         The metal content is assured by us. It is stamped inside the ring and carry our trade reputation behind it. Precious metal trade definitions are regulated by the Federal Trade Commission. 


Q: Can you make for us a ring with a specification different from what you list in your site?                    

A: If it is within the range of our production capabilities than we can. Please contact us with a clear detailed message that must contain the finger size requested. We will advise in return if it is possible to make and send you a PayPal invoice to enable you proceed with check out and payment. If it isn't possible or not recommended, we will advise the alternatives available for your choice.


Q: You have a beautiful ring that I like. Will it be available 6 month from now?                                            

A: We make the rings and most of our styles are available any time. However, we cannot guaranty availability or price in the future. If you see a ring that you like, it isn't likely that it will be discontinued within 6 month. Availability of raw materials and component can sometimes become limited and some styles discontinued. Prices for sure tend to go up in particular in the long run.


Q: I like your Flat Top plain bands. Can I order it with a brush finish instead of polished?                         

A: You can order any of our plain wedding band rings, including all the shaped tops in a variety of finishes. You can be more specific and advise a choice picked up from the style numbers starting with GF- in the "Designer Cut" category.


Q: I need a 3mm thick band to match my engagement ring. Can you make? What will the price be?   

A: A 3mm thick band is not practical because it will be inconvenient to wear. It can be 3mm high on the top but 2-2.1mm thick is the maximum between the fingers. In order to make a custom made
ring for you that will match your engagement ring, we need to see your ring and its dimensions, know the finger size etc. It requires design work before we can start with estimating the price.

Q: How much is shipping to Australia?                                                                                                                  

A:  Our flat rate international shipping and handling, including insurance, via USPS Registered Parcel Post is $29.- Please note; This covers all the expenses, not only postage.







Aurell is Upfront


Bill Adams

Dear Sam,
Wanted to let you know I received the ring today.
It is indeed  extremely nice!
I want to thank you for going out of your way to get the ring to me on time...
it is much appreciated.
I will indeed recommend you very highly.
Bill Adams

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Martha McGee

The ring is beautiful and just as promised!
Where do I go to sing your praises online?
Thank you so much for everything,  
we are both really pleased.
Martha McGee

Ron Hicks

 Hello Sam,
Just received the ring today - it is simply stunning! The most beautiful ring I've ever had the pleasure to look at! It's even more wonderful that I can actually own such a nicely crafted ring. Thanks so much for your help with this ring and for the excellent customer service. I will buy from no one else but you.
Thanks so much again,
Ron Hicks

Lizz Kennon


I received my package today and I am SOoooo impressed with the packaging and when I opened the box….tears to my eyes…. the picture on the website and even the most precise written description doesn’t do justice to the amazing QUALITY & BEAUTY of this ring….it’s absolutely STUNNING.
I will tell all my friends and I look forward to doing business with you again & again!
Thank you for a wonderful experience, handled with such professionalism!
Lizz Kennon #1 Fan…smiles

Tammy Paquette

He loved it!!!
Thank you for making my day so wonderful.

Sabrina Hancock

I want to thank you personally for the attention you have paid me as a customer.
You are by far one of the BEST I have ever dealt with, and considering that this is a wedding ring, it is even MORE appreciated.
Thank you for making this so much easier on me.
Thank you again for your EXCELLENT service.
You better believe I wouldn't forget someone so great.
Sabrina Hancock

engagement ring testimonial

Maria Vargas

Dear Sam:
I totally agree with you the ring IS magnificent. Please know that I believe the look and workmanship of this ring is absolutely exceptional. Thank you for your quick response and delivery of my purchase. I could go on and on about how 
BEAUTIFUL this ring is (but, I know you know that). It is UNBELIEVABLE!!!
Oh My Gosh!!!
Thank you ever so much. I am bragging about you to everyone I show the ring to.
Please know that everyone I have showed it to thus far cannot believe their eyes when they see it.
Maria Vargas

anniversary ring testimonial